Sunday, April 8, 2007

Why do things the hard way?

Why - the because’s

The most important factor is that this is the right thing to do, any way you want to look at it. And there are a lot of ways to look at anything. Probably one of the most endearing parts of this work is that it continues to create new views and remind one that nobody knows everything. Knowing how little we know, may be the true gift of vision.

Restorative forestry though the humble and harmonizing relationship with animals is the right thing because it shares the wealth of creation more fairly than any other methods. The greatest sharing is the stewardship of leaving the forested conditions improved for increased future value and use by coming generations of our kind. The regard for the other “creatures” (kind) insures the production of values that we can benefit from immediately and increasingly in the future. This is how our organized effort through the foundation is seen to be for the public good, despite not being the most profitable in the first entry or harvest. Therein lays a great challenge. How do you get folks to do the right thing when it doesn’t pay the most from the start? We find the answer may be in the need to quantify the quality of all life. Not to reduce the value to the specific immediate human needs, but to see the value as greatest as a part of the whole. This is a wholeness that we should consider in our every action, including no action. That is when I began to think of the word “wholistic”.